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Because we can’t seem to get the aliens to come directly to us, we want to bring them to you! Introducing the Alien Abduction Laser Tag Experience! 

We are Pat & Emily, a dynamic mother-daughter duo that has been revolutionizing the birthday-party industry in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area for more than four years. At #bouncefarm LLC, we provide East Bay kids with a clean, fun, and safe environment for everyday play and private birthday parties and we are ready to offer the experience of a lifetime to big kids (yes, this means grown-ups too) who want to play laser tag and celebrate birthdays.  

Our Alien Abduction Laser Tag Experience will offer state-of-the-art laser-tag equipment that looks like it came directly from outer space and a big farm full of obstacles, hiding places, and UFO’s to escape from. Our more than 1,000 square-foot laser-tag arena will be a replica of a country farm where teams of Fighting Farmers will battle Alien Invaders to save the farm. With life-size obstacles - including hay bales, a farm tractor and UFOs - our arena is sure to provide countless exciting laser-tag matches! Get in on this now! 

Alien Abduction Laser Tag Experience birthday parties are sure to book up as soon as we open our doors and all prepurchased birthday parties will receive a two-week private booking period to get ahead of the crowd! We have been planning to expand the #bouncefarm’s existing birthday-party space for a few years and are just now being given the opportunity to do so. 

Our estimated build time for the Alien Abduction Laser Tag Experience is three months. We have a very prominent group of East Bay graffiti artists coming in to paint and experienced graphic designers coming in to help with our obstacle designs. 

We operate the only certified Bay Area Green Business birthday-party facility in the Bay Area. Participating in full organic-waste and recycling programs enables us to host low-waste parties. 

 Don’t miss this opportunity to kick-start the Alien Abduction Laser Tag Experience and get your early-access laser-tag passes, awesome cups, cool T-shirts and exclusive party reservations today! Thank you for being part of what makes the East Bay community so amazing!

Risks and challenges

Embarking on a new adventure is always scary, Pat & I have been working in the family entertainment industry for 5 years and hope to bring all of our creativity and business experience to this new venture!

Building our laser tag arena will be very challenging, making a long lasting, super fun arena that will keep our customers entertained for years to come is our biggest goal!